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Property Managers and Private Rental Owners Love The Work I Do.

If you are a property manager or private rental owner then having a reliable and capable handyman available to sort out the issues that regularly come up at rental properties is important.

Maintenance issues in rental properties can spiral out of control if you leave them alone. Property maintenance is essential, both for the longevity of your rental and your sanity. If you don’t live in the same general area as your property, that just makes things even more complex.

For this, you want a good partner. A reliable handyman who can fix everything quickly and effectively. You need properly maintenance professionals you can trust. You need a crew that can take care of things with efficiency and professionalism.

You can call me or text me and I will be able to get back to you within 20 minutes usually and let you know if I can get your job done on the day.

Tennants are generally impatient when something isn’t right so we try and get these jobs sorted out for you as an urgent priority

Give Me a Call

Paul Pinguet – Handyman
Fix It Mate
Ph: 0403 367 133

Sinks and taps
Fixing Lino and woodern flooring
Wall repairs and maintenance
Fencing maintenance